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We design engaging, professional websites for flute performers and flute teachers who want to look excellent and enhance their business. We're FluteSites powered by GetContented. Pleased to meet you!

Would you like to have a great-looking website? You might worry it's too difficult, or expensive to even consider. Fear not, our service makes it much easier and is better value than you expect.

First, why you need a website »

We've noticed some common problems flutists tend to have:

If you're like many flutists, you've probably had some of these problems, too:

  1. You've got a vague idea you should have a website, but you're not sure why
  2. You want to reach more people (more students, sell more tickets or CDs), but don't know where to begin
  3. Your students, fans or audience aren't engaged enough for your liking
  4. Websites seem too expensive and can take too long and too much hassle to make
  5. You don't earn enough
  6. Your students don't practice enough, if you're a teacher
  7. Getting a website seems too hard because it's techy, and too much to learn
  8. Thinking up stuff to say about yourself is hard
  9. Websites are often not useful, boring or hard to change, so why bother having your own?

Well, read on to find out just how our website service solves all of these problems and more.

Our websites help:

We've created an outstanding website service, and we've specifically tailored it to flutists. We call it FluteSites. It either solves or helps with all of the problems we just discussed:

  1. Why get a website? You absolutely need a website. These days, websites are like business cards. Everyone expects you to have one, and they will want to use it to find out about your services, skills or even buy your products, if you have some. Whatsmore, they may even judge your products or services based on how your website looks. Our service can get you an exceptional website, crafted and built to perfection for far less than a professionally designed job, but often higher quality. Our sites are custom-fit to your needs and taste. Your friends, family, customers, colleagues, students or clients will be impressed with your online presence.
  2. Reach more people Having a well designed website, continually updating it with interesting content, linking to other websites and getting them to link to you and putting your works online allows you to reach more people. Add your website address to your email signature, your business cards and all your advertising material and you'll be surprised how quickly it gets passed along. Tell as many people as you can about it, and watch interest grow.
  3. Engage Your Audience & Students More A website with us is very easy to update. Just drop us a line and let us know the changes you want, and we'll get them up. Simple and effective. Or, if you feel confident, we can let you edit your own website with our ultra simple editor. Because it's so easy to update your website, it's easier for you to publish interesting new things to engage your audience such as news. articles, questionnaires, jokes, pictures and music snippets. Use your website in tandem with a list of people you email regularly to keep your audience and/or students continually coming back, practicing and involving themselves in your world.
  4. Less Hassle, Less Expense You'll be pleasantly surprised when you get a website with us. Our sites are not only painless and quick to create at the buginning, but they're also definitely not going to break your budget, and unlike many competing services, we assume you'll be changing things often, so it's also cheap to maintain as well! With us you get to talk to real people who won't treat you like you're a robot.
  5. Earn More Increase your income with your new website! How? By allowing you to sell digital products such as prepared video lessons, ebooks, video lessons, books or anything else you can imagine.
  6. Get Students to Practice more You can create activities or challenges that you send to your students during the week when they aren't at your lessons. The great advantage of doing this online is it that it's like a mailbox between you and your students - they can open it whenever they like, and you can send it whenever you like.
  7. We speak your language While getting a website might have a reputation of being a highly technical endeavour, our website crafters don't speak to you as though you're a robot. We use every day language as much as possible, and if you want to learn wht's going on we can explain things to you as much as you'd like. We care.
  8. We can help you with what to put on your site Creating words and pictures just the way you want can be very difficult. While we can't guarantee we can take all the pain out of it, we're very experienced in creating content for websites, so we can provide you with helpful hints, suggestions and even write some of the text for you if you'd like. We also have an illustrator and graphic designer on staff, so if you need custom graphics or photo adjustments, your can make use of our available inexpensive design service.

Now you know how a website with us will be interesting, engaging, easy to change, and you have a lot of reasons that you might want get one!

Show me what I'll get »

What you'll get

Here's what to expect to get:

  1. A striking, professional website you'll feel confident about
  2. Personal email design consultation to discover what you'd like
  3. Advice on all aspects of your site including promotion, email lists and popularity in Google
  4. We'll put you online, fast and reliably. Also an optional website name (domain name)
  5. Fast turn around to get your site up: two weeks or less
  6. An optional form that will collect email addresses of people interested in your teaching or performing

Like the sound of this? Drop us a line, and we can discuss! No oblgations.

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Sample Websites

Here are a few sites we've created recently. Feel free to click on them to take a look at the real, live websites.

The website we created for Anne Rose is luxurious, bold and rich.

Emma's Sholl's website is clean, modern and strong.

Jacqueline Pace has a regal colour scheme with lush photography.

Our clients love their sites, and you will, too...

Not only do our clients love their sites, but their customers love their sites, too! We regularly get feedback that people love the sites we build. Here's what a few of our clients say about our websites service, and the sites we made for them:

"An amazing team of professionals, [GetContented] have delivered a website that surpasses all of my expectations! They have taken an active interest in who I am and what I do and have built a site that positively reflects this. Their service is prompt and their advice directed at giving me the best possible outcome! I couldn't be happier with my online presence."

Anne Rose
Performer & Teacher. http://www.anneroseflute.com/

"[GetContented] will create a terrific website just the way you want it. They understand fluteplayers, they are reliable and deliver great results."

David Leviston
Performer & Teacher.
CEO of Flutes and Flutists. http://www.flutesandflutists.com/

"GetContented have provided invaluable advice and assistance with my website, while allowing me to be involved in creating a customised product. Their service has always been prompt, professional and personally tailored to my business needs."

"Jacqueline Pace Quote"

Jacqueline Pace
Performer & Teacher. http://www.jacquelinepaceflute.com/

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