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Outstanding websites for small business

Jacquiline Pace Site

"GetContented have provided invaluable advice and assistance with my website, while allowing me to be involved in creating a customised product. Their service has always been prompt, professional and personally tailored to my business needs."

Emma Sholl Site

"GetContented were excellent to deal with while designing my website. They were efficient and really happy to change things until we felt the site was right. I think it looks great and gladly recommend their services. "

FandF Site

"GetContented will create a terrific website just the way you want it... they are reliable and deliver great results."


"...the site looks and feels exactly the way I wanted it to"

AFF Site

"I just love the look of the website :)"

Anne Rose Site

"An amazing team of professionals, GetContented delivered a website that surpasses all of my expectations! They have taken an active interest in who I am and what I do and have built a site that positively reflects this. Their service is prompt and their advice directed at giving me the best possible outcome! I couldn't be happier with my online presence."

from ultra slick to classically simple, get the website you want for less than you expect

top quality at an affordable price

GetContented is a new company - started by web veterans. We've been doing this for a long time and we're very good at it. This makes us efficient, which in turn means we can charge less without compromising quality.

Of course, the cost of designing and building website depends on it's size and complexity - but all other things being equal, typically a site from us will be 50% or less than that of our competition.

Our aim is simply to offer a good service at an affordable price and build a long term relationship with our clients. We think there is still a place for dealing with clients as people rather than entries in a database.

Easy &
Saving you time and effort

Websites come in a variety of forms these days: how they look, how a user interacts with them, the way the site works under-the-hood... there's a lot to consider!

We take the hard work out of this process for our clients: from consultation and simple advice to a turn-key solution where we handle content, design, layout and hosting of the entire site for you, our aim is to make getting your site online as easy and simple as possible.

innovation and experience

Your site can utilise the latest developments and trends in website design or use a time-proven classic approach: the GetContented team combines decades of experience with the up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest innovations.

Our sites are responsive for smart phones and tablets display and take advantage of the advances of HTML5, CSS 3 and interactive scripting languages.

logos, images and graphic design

GetContented can provide any level of graphic design you might need. Logo design, image compositing and retouching, illustration - or any other visual element you might wish.

We are also happy to organise letterheads, business cards, brochures and handouts based on your artwork - effectively providing you with your own Design Agency.

hosting &
hosting and web address

Hosting your website is handled by GetContented - the fact that we host the sites we build is the reason we can be so cost effective.

You can transfer an existing web address or we can organise one for you if you don't have one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a website cost to build?

Our aim is to provide websites at the highest level of quality at a price competitive with the cheapest options out there.

The actual cost of your website will depend on what's involved to create and build it, but GetContented offers tremendous value at any price point: from a simple yet stylish single page website for just $100 all the way up to elaborate multipage catalogues, online portfolios and more. Our sites only cost about 30-50% of the typical web design studio.

If you are on a tight budget, we are more than happy to advise on what you can do to keep the final cost of building your site as low as possible.

What does a website cost to host?

GetContented hosting is more than just hosting - it's all the service and site maintenance that goes with it. We offer a variety of hosting rates depending on your specific requirements, starting from just $3 a week.

Can I make changes to my site?

Of course you can. Your hosting cost covers changes to the content of your site - simply let us know what needs to be done. Turnaround on changes is prompt, typically measured in minutes.

Can I transfer an existing site to GetContented?

Typically yes - though it may depend on how your current site is built. Transferring a site to our system may involve some cost. We will look at your site and let you know of any issues before we begin.

Who we are...

We are a small team of web professionals with decades of experience at all levels of web design and construction. In the past, we've worked on enterprise level web applications for Australia's largest companies and designed and built multitudes of websites for businesses small and large. We started GetContented with the aim of bringing these abilities directly to clients of our own.

Interested to know more?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss your requirements:

(your contact details will remain confidential and will only be used for correspondence between yourself and GetContented)